HI! My name is Dejah Reed, This is my Cinnamon Challenge Story. I hope you read and learn from my stupid decision of doing the Cinnamon Challenge. Please don't do it.. "Just Say No".

My Story

Hello, My name is Dejah Reed

I’m from Ypsilanti, Michigan. I’d like to tell you my story of what happened to me. I did the Cinnamon Challenge four times. It was okay for the first three times. The fourth time, I was with a friend. She wanted to do the Cinnamon Challenge, but not alone. So, I decided to do it with her. I thought everything would be okay, even If I didn’t like the feeling of it. So, we did it and she ended up spitting it out. I ended up laughing, coughing it out and inhaled it. It went into my right lung and caused it to collapse. I told my friend to call my dad for me since I couldn’t talk that well. I was rushed into the U of M hospital in Ann Arbor. I stayed for four days on my mid-winter break. It was a lesson learned and I realized how dangerous it is. Ever since this happened to me, I’ve been telling everyone the dangers that can come from this challenge. For those who haven’t done it yet, I beg you not to do it! There are still people that are doing it or wanting to do it. So, I’ve come this far to let the world know how dangerous it is. It could risk your health. Thanks for reading my story.

Join the Cinnamon Challenge movement and “Just Say NO”.